Our Story

Our Story

We began this journey in 2016 by getting our training, credentials and opening up shop. We started as LoneStar Travel Planners, and Janel started as AJRCTravel. Both entities saw quick changes in the industry, merged, and added a partner from another state, and rebranded as The Cruise Studio. In 2019 we added a Host division, allowing people like you to join as an outside agent, learn, study, certified and build your own travel business. 

In 2020, early Spring we had reached $150k in sales and had just about 18 outside agents. Many do this for their own personal pleasure and gain, because they want to save on their own cruises and travel so over time they earn a free cruise or travel. Some sign up to do this to make side cash for the little things, like travel, so they have a knack for helping others plan and advise about travel and they earn a decent side commission. Others what to build a serious business and so they give it all they’ve got to get going.

We want to reach out to you, as a client, or a potential travel agent with us – and tell you how thrilled we are to be nearing the end 2020 and hopefully setting our vision on future things.

Feedback & Reviews

We’ve received some pretty tall praise over the fast years – but think you’d be impressed.

The team really knows what they are doing. They are methodical, a little slower but they take their time and make sure every client has concierge level service start to finish.  I am glad to use them again.

Albert F

Frequent Business Travel

He planned not one but two amazing senior cruise voyages that surpassed even my picky goals and dreams. Will use them all the time.

D. Cooper

Realestate professional.

Nailed our Anniversary cruise and it was a blast. First cruise, he put us on a smaller ship, but one with the right type of activity and adventure for us. We will use hi again.

J. Muller

Dad, Husband