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We can meet and discuss all of your vacation wish list items, I’ll bring some sample itineraries and some sample travel destination options & hot deals we have. If you hire me to move forward, the next step is we put together a more formal proposal. When you are ready to accept the proposal and convert it to a Travel Booking, there will be a fee and paperwork. This Fee is usually in conjunction with the amount of research and planning involved in your trip.  Often times, $50 – $350 is nominal. We will work on the proposal and booking making sure everything is exactly as you wish before final payment is expected to the suppliers.

Need Advice?

Wanting to do it yourself and just needing advice or a little concierge help in some areas? Looking for exclusive hotel/resort deals and want to do most of the work yourself? We also do this. We cal it window shopping with benefits. We bill $50 for window shoppers – and it involves questions & answers but we will not do any research & destination planning.  If you book with us – you may qualify for additional benefits & perks when/if available for your booking dates, destination, supplier or other.

We book Air/Car/Hotel packages for a minimum upfront fee of $100. We’ll do all the work for you and alleviate the stress. We’ll search for lowest bundled or packaged deals or lowest net fare air prices. Fee is due upfront before research & planning commences. Must have proper matching IDs, Passports, and other documents prior to purchase. In many cases, we’ll send you a BOOK NOW link and you can just complete the booking we’ve already packaged it up for you.