Travel Styles

Options & Descriptions


There’s no one right way to travel & vacation. So we listed some of the most popular. There may be a Group or guided experience or something we’ve hand crafted for others. For the DIY person, who simply MUST do it on their own, we have some unique ways to do that.


Items marked with a “$” dollar sign indicate the option of a highly customized cruise or travel experience and often, to get you the best deals, we forego worrying about commission paid by the suppliers and invoice you our research and planning fee. In this case YOU win. When we’re not driven by bottom line, we’re free to be driven by your passion & desires. When we bill you a fee, we usually are looking for the lowest possible, best experiences available – often times, they don’t pay commissions because of the extremely low or “wholesale” value.  This is a benefit to you.

cruise ship, elbe, hamburg

Ocean Cruises

Small to large ocean going vessels leave American ports everyday. In a week, normally, 400+ embark upon destinations to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Bahamas, Barbados, Mexico, West Coast, New England, Canada, Alaska, and across the globe.

bratislava, press castle, slovakia

River Cruises

Rivers in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the United States have much to offer, especially in the line of culture and historical scenes and stories. Looking for a relaxing but wonder filled adventure? Consider embarking on a River Cruise of luxury.

yacht, boat, ship

Sail Boats/Yachts/Small Ships $$$

This unique, luxurious approach to cruising is really making strides. Not for the faint of heart OR the cheap traveler, these ships are luxury and adventure all in one. We can handcraft a unique experience starting at about $3000 pp & up.

hawaii, oahu, resort

All Inclusive / Adult Only or Family Vacation Resorts $-$$$

You now what these are. The ones with unlimited choices in food cuisines, drinks alcoholic or not, snacks, parties, bars, pools, spas, concerts or theaters or both, kid, family, water, sport activities and more. One price and you're all in.

swimming pool, hotel, pool

Hotel/City Destination Vacations $ - $$$$

Some people prefer to travel to hot spots or trending city escape style vacations here. They want to go to that swanky new resort style hotel in Vegas, or perhaps something on the trending side in Palm Beach. Crafted and Roadtrip style vacations are becoming all the craze, but jetsetter beware, do you know what this new trend has in store for health requirements, state to state transfers, air, car, rail, bus, times, limits and more? If not, call us.

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Single / Group / Couple / Family Tours or Guided Tours
$ - $$$$

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