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Travel Makes Us Richer!

The Cruise Studio & FareBuzz. A Valuable Alliance.

As a member of the Ensemble Travel Group, We guarantee the best hotels and very comfortable rooms, which will be appreciated by every traveller. You will be absolutely happy with the hotel choices and will have a wonderful vacation there.

We provide our clients with local guides for your tours & excursions. This, “like a local” idea is graining and you want an agency committed to making sure you’re well cared for. This service is similar to Customer Support with emphasis on local, in country or onboard travelling experiences.

We have an elite travel club program that offers you the chance to book your own airfare, but we do have clients that just don’t want to do this on their own. Our agents are there to help you book all your air, car, and hotel needs. We simply ask for a $25 booking service fee for our time in research and booking for you.

Canada Tours

from $1200

Asia Tours

from $2480

Europe Tours

from $1200

Asia Tours

from $2400

Start your journey!
Let us curate an inspiring experience as you enjoy a personally-themed adventure with a professional guide catered to your interests. Whether a one-day trip or multi-trip journey, you’ll be privileged to enjoy this ultimate luxury to explore Europe with an expert, as well as the unique bird’s eye views from a helicopter in Europe, including Rome, the Dalmation Coast, Paris, Prague and 20 top destinations.
  • First Class Flights
  • 5 Star Accommodations
  • Inclusive Packages
  • Latest Model Vehicles
  • Handpicked Hotels
  • Accesibility managment
  • Multi-Languages available
  • +100+ Premium city tours
  • Accesibility managment
  • +50+ Modern to Luxury CruiseLines
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